Grandma is gone and you've just inherited her antique spoon collection. Instead of spending the rest of your natural life polishing knives and forks, you pack them up and sell them off to the highest bidder.

"People don't like to polish silverware anymore. They put them in their drawers and they turn black," says Wendy Worobets of The Family Jewels in Sherwood Park. Along with her husband, Colin Naylor, who lends his knowledge as a machinist, Worobets is reviving the lost art of pressing antique spoons into rings. The artistry traces back more than a hundred years ago. Sailors in the navy would sneak away pieces of silverware from the ship galley and roll them into engagement rings for their girlfriends, she says.

At first glance, a "spoon ring" looks like a normal silver ring, but it's really a unique piece of history. Click here to read more in the article printed by Venture Magazine in November 2002.

We make each pattern look its best. We do custom orders for every single size. Retail pricing of our product is now available.

Old Beads Made New

We also do one of a kind beadwork. With your broken vintage beads we create fresh designs.

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